Energy Genesis works on the WHOLE body, not just the symptoms!

About Energy Genesis

It’s technology utilizes a combination of vibration, sound and light in a non-invasive session / series of sessions.  The light exposure allows for an increase in both blood circulation and oxygen levels in the cells, while the simultaneous combination of vibration, sound and light facilitates the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy.  By allowing the body to reach this state, many benefits of relaxation to the body can be obtained and include: INFLAMMATION reduction / removal, stress reduction, higher energy levels, improved sleep, stronger cognitive abilities and an enhanced immune system. We are influencing the body to do what it is innately born to do!

Studies show that up to 85% of bodily dysfunction can be associated with INFLAMMATION, emotional trauma and / or stress and, if not effectively dealt with can seriously compromise an individual’s health and well-being.  Energy Genesis can remove the inflammation blocks that are normally the cause of the symptom of the dis-ease / disorder that prevents the body from healing itself naturally.

We work on the WHOLE body, not just the symptoms!

Energy Genesis consists of a large sphere-shape chamber (large enough to fit two people) with Vibration, Color, Sound and Light. This combination allows the body to be able to perform its natural ability to heal itself regardless of the nature of the affliction. The balanced environment frequently leads to feelings of de-stressing, wellness, inspiration, focus and creativity. Sometimes individuals also report enhanced perceptions. It is often observed that toxins, such as heavy metals, mold and candida (yeast) begin to be eliminated from the individual’s body exposed to Energy Genesis.

People sometimes start with us as a last resort when everything else has failed. Once they achieve successful results, we become their first resort.

How it works

The Energy Genesis applies frequency, vibration, sound and light waves in a resonant frequency to the body, which then allows the body to rebalance and reset itself.   We can accomplish this by taking the body to a level below the level of consciousness while you are still in a conscious state.  Testing has been done to show that when brain waves are brought to a 2-4 Hz (Delta / Theta) range, the body can then achieve a deep relaxation / sleep state.

One aspect of Energy Genesis is to change malfunctioning energy frequencies by signaling them into resonant (balanced) frequencies.

Let’s assume this is the energy frequency of a disease / illness.  How can we change that frequency?




You offset it with another frequency that is exactly opposite, like this:





When you do that, you cancel out the malfunctioning frequency and end up with a neutral state where healing can happen:



Now the body can reset itself into this neutral state.

When the body is in this resonant (balanced) frequency at a deep state of relaxation, it can release trauma (emotional, physical and environmental) on its own, at warp speed / real-time, at a cellular level (cell memory).  We believe “The Body Does Not Know Disease By Name” and illness and disease is an imbalance in the body.  “Just What If…” The Energy Genesis can rebalance the body and reprogram the cell memory?

Stress is the #1 health issue in America.  Stress can cause inflammation in the body and inflammation can cause disease. This can progress to be a problem when we are under constant stress day in and day out.

Scientists have found that this smooth, coherent rhythm is the pattern of your heartbeat while it is in a natural, restful sleep state.   Remember above when we said that Energy Genesis puts the body into a state of deep relaxation / sleep?

The Energy Genesis allows stress to be removed from the nervous system by stopping the stress signal, which is an energy frequency, from being sent.

“The first things stress turns off are the healing and immune systems, and when the healing and immune systems are turned back on or way up, they are capable of healing just about anything.” (Ben Johnson, MD, The Healing Code)

The Energy Genesis does not heal you; you heal from your own immune system.

The Energy Genesis employs a patented technique to non-invasively interact with a client’s autonomic nervous system (ANS)*. The technique is based on light, sound and resonant frequencies that have been found to adjust the ANS to restore a proper balance and improve clients’ health.

* The ANS is a part of the nervous system that regulates key involuntary functions of the body, including the activity of the heart muscle; the smooth muscles, including the muscles of the intestinal tract; and the glands. The autonomic nervous system has two divisions: the sympathetic nervous system, which accelerates the heart rate, constricts blood vessels, and raises blood pressure, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows the heart rate, increases intestinal and gland activity, and aids in rest and digest of the body.

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